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Y breastplate - Various colors

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Our harness is made of a very resistant and easy to clean material!

With this harness you can let your best friend play and get dirty like all dogs love to do!

When you get home, just rinse your accessory in water and dry it with a dry cloth! And it's like new! Ready for another adventure!

How to measure?

In this image you can see where to take the measurements. (Measurement A is the only adjustable one)

Place your bigeye in the position shown in the image.

The . Measure the circumference A, this measurement should be one / two fingers away from the front paws to avoid friction!

B. Start this measurement at the point where the neck meets the back, measure to where you measured the A! This measurement is between your dog's shoulder blades!

C. Measure from the breast bone (it's a pointed bone you can easily feel it in your dog's chest) to the point where the neck meets the back! This is half the measurement of the circumference C and it is the measurement you should include in your order!

D. Measure from the same pointy bone to where you measured circumference A.

Why should I choose this Breastplate?

Our harness is made to measure, to make it as comfortable and ergonomic as possible!


Easy to clean and dry, so your dog can accompany you on walks, walks on the beach, in the snow, in the river or even in the mud!

Full of style to parade in the city!

Its Y-shape is ideal for your pet's anatomy, as it offers complete freedom of movement!

You can also place the leash on the front strap of the harness so you can use it on big dogs who love to take their drag owners on walks!

But don't forget, there are no miracle accessories, training your four-legged friend is fundamental!

Our tip!

Lots of cuddles, cookies, games and infinite patience!

Oh and a multipurpose leash is a great help too, don't forget to check out ours!

Do you want to know more?


TPU coated strap

steel hardware


Strap 2 cm wide.

Washing and Care

To clean, we recommend rinsing with water and cleaning the dirt with your hands! For a deeper cleaning you can use a little detergent!

After washing, dry the hardware with a dry cloth!

When using the accessory on the beach, rinse it in fresh water to avoid rust from salt water!

Made with love

All of our products are handmade! 🇧🇷


All our orders are sent in cardboard boxes and packed with great care, so that everything arrives at your home in perfect condition! 🥰 Oh and go with a sample of cookies from the amazing MAJO treats! 🇧🇷