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Slip ID Collar - Various colors

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The ideal collar for those who only like to use a harness, but want a collar to put on their identification plate!

This collar does not have a clasp, just slide it on! But don't worry, she won't come off easily!!!

This collar is made to measure! You have to take the measurement at the base of your bigeye's neck!

Our collars are made from a TPU coated strap, which makes them 100% water and play proof!

In addition to their elegant design, they are very resistant, completely free of bad smells and easy to clean!

This collar must not be used to put on the leash! Just to put the ID!

Do you want to know more?


TPU coated strap

steel hardware


2cm wide strap

The Collar is made to fit your dog perfectly! But don't worry, there will always be more holes to adjust whenever necessary! 🇧🇷

Washing and Care

To clean, we recommend rinsing with water and cleaning the dirt with your hands! For a deeper cleaning you can use a little detergent!

After washing, dry the hardware with a dry cloth!

When using the accessory on the beach, rinse it in fresh water to avoid rust from salt water!

Made with love

All of our products are handmade! 🇧🇷


All our orders are sent in cardboard boxes and packed with great care, so that everything arrives at your home in perfect condition! 🥰 Oh and go with a sample of cookies from the amazing MAJO treats! 🇧🇷