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Christmas tree collar

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The Christmas tree collar is available in three designs!

The designs are in gold with glitter!

Hardware can be Solid Brass (Gold), bronze and silver.

All about Christmas Collars


TPU coated strap

Solid Brass/ steel hardware


Collars are available in 16mm, 20mm and 25mm ranges! These ranges refer to the width of the material!

The Collar is made to fit your dog perfectly! But don't worry, there will always be more holes to adjust whenever necessary! 🇧🇷

Washing and Care

To clean, we recommend rinsing with water and cleaning the dirt with your hands! For a deeper cleaning you can use a little detergent!

After washing you must dry the hardware with a dry cloth!

When using the accessory on the beach, rinse it in fresh water to avoid rust from salt water!

Made with love

All our products are designed by us and handmade with great care and affection! 🇧🇷


Christmas orders come with very special packaging and an EXTRA treat of course!

In addition, you can count on all our usual care!

All our orders are shipped in cardboard boxes! 🥰 Oh and go with a sample of cookies from the amazing MAJO treats! 🇧🇷